hINF supports digital appointments

Digital appointment is a scheduled appointment to the clinic. hINF digital appointment securely connects patient with their doctor and the rest of the care team. The patient can receive test results, discuss health matters with their doctor, ask for digital prescriptions or for medical certificates.

  • Digital appointments are time and cost efficient.
  • The appointments can be shorter and more concentrated than the regular visits to the doctor.
  • hINF aims to replace half of the patient's visits to the clinic with digital appointments.

hINF provides the patients with in-depth overview of their health

Chronic diseases need regular monitoring and, most of them, life-long treatment. The patient and care team, can easily access the test results with hINF. We provide the parties with self-educating interactive graph that displays the most relevant test results and treatment plans. We have also built a clever notification system to remind the patients, for instance, when they should book their next appointment or restock their medicine.


hINF is a secure platform

hINF is a secure and reliable digital service. Security is built into the core of the system - data is end-to-end encrypted meaning the information flow between the patient and their care team is only visible to the respective parties.

To help to secure the privacy of the patients we have gone even further - the patients are registered to the platform with an unique code - the identity behind the code is is only known to themselves and their care team. The patient can also create a passcode to access the app.